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Published November 11, 2011 by thesugahoneyicetea


As the day progresses, we will hear a lot about what this day means to us as Americans.  I challenge you to take a minute to show gratitude to a veteran, thank them for their journey, their efforts, and their strength.  We were blessed to be protected by a brave group of individuals, applaud them.










Rita @thesugahoneyicetea

Amanda Knox Latest: News Interviews, Book Deals & Casey Anthony Comparisons

Published October 6, 2011 by thesugahoneyicetea

By Mark Johanson | October 6, 2011 3:50 PM EDT

The grandmother of Amanda Knox has revealed the latest news that publishers are already approaching the Knox family with proposed book deals and interviews.

Elisabeth Huff said that a publisher even turned up to her home in southwest Seattle shortly after the Knox conviction was overturned on Monday evening – well before her granddaughter arrived back in the U.S.

(Photo: REUTERS / Anthony Bolante)
Amanda Knox pauses emotionally while speaking during a news conference at Sea-Tac International Airport, Washington after landing there on a flight from Italy, October 4, 2011. Amanda Knox returned home to Seattle on Tuesday, one day after an Italian court cleared the 24-year-old college student of murder and freed her from prison.

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Rita @thesugahoneyicetea

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011: Mourning Technology’s Great Reinventor

Published October 6, 2011 by thesugahoneyicetea

Yesterday, America was rocked with the news of the sudden passing of one of technology’s pioneers.  Steve Jobs lost his battle with advanced pancreatic cancer the age of 56.  Jobs recently stepped down as CEO of his empire Apple/Pixar.  Mr. Jobs has changed pop culture in a multitude of ways, and his contributions to our world will forever live on.  He will truly be missed.


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DC, New York Prepares for Terror Threat in Wake of Anniversary of 9/11

Published September 10, 2011 by thesugahoneyicetea


Sercurity is going to be tight is you are in the New York or DC areas this weekend.  Reason is there have been “credible” information received by the goverment of  that Al Qaeda plans to launch an attack on Washington or New York as the nation marks the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

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