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Really? The Claim: Drinking Water Can Help Lower the Risk of Diabetes

Published January 17, 2012 by thesugahoneyicetea
Christoph Niemann


There are many reasons to stay properly hydrated, but only recently have scientists begun to consider diabetes prevention one of them. The amount of water you drink can play a role in how your body regulates blood sugar, researchers have found.

The reason: a hormone called vasopressin, which helps regulate water retention.

When the body is dehydrated, vasopressin levels rise, prompting the kidneys to hold onto water. At the same time, the hormone pushes the liver to produce blood sugar, which over time may strain the ability to produce or respond to insulin.

One of the largest studies to look at the consequences was published last year in Diabetes Care, a publication of the American Diabetes Association. French scientists tracked more than 3,000 healthy men and women ages 30 to 65 for nearly a decade. All had normal blood sugar levels at the start of the research.

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Alkaline Water….Healthy or Hype

Published September 9, 2011 by thesugahoneyicetea

Ok, so I’ve been doing some research on Alkaline water.  For the past few months, I have been hearing about the benefits of this water, along with all of the great properties it possess such maintaining the proper PH balance.  Why is it that ionizing water vs. drinking regular water so beneficial?  Check out this video, you be the judge….

Rita @thesugahoneyicetea

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