I’m just a complicated woman living in a complicated world, and trying to smile through it all!

So here lately, I have been going through the never-ending battle with ME.  You see, I have always viewed things in a positive light, seeing the glass as half full instead of half empty.  But lately, I have been a bit pessimistic when it comes to ME.  I have all of these requirements on myself that I have been struggling to uphold.  I’ve picked blogging back up as a means to tackle these challenges.  Sure, I would like to be happy, and go back to viewing the glass as half full, but I have to dig deep inside and find my happy place.

Happiness if the key to life, success, and your overall well-being.  I hope that someone out there can relate to my story, and somehow find their happy place with me as I go through this journey of self-love, understanding ME, and being ok with it all.  During this journey, I may blog about everything from my dreams, to products that I have seen and would like to try to people watching, to my inner most deepest thoughts.

I hope you are along for the ride! Enjoy!



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