Everybody Hates Chris…..(still)

Published September 7, 2011 by thesugahoneyicetea

A couple of nights ago, Twitter was blessed with the presence of Chris Brown, and some old (in every sense of the word) ass folks who thought it would be cool to start a Twitter fight with Breezy. 

As you could imagine, Chris didn’t take kindly to the Bollywood producers who was in the mood to pick:

Producer #1 Tweets that ‘taking relationship advice from a single person is like taking not-beating-the-shit-out-of-women advice from Chris Brown’. Producer #2 chimes in and laughs. A Fox News correspondent joins in on the fun, and well, you know Chris…

@JennyJohnsonHi5Jenny Johnson

Taking relationship advice from single people is like taking not-beating-the-sh*t-out-of-women advice from Chris Brown.

5 Sep via Echofon

@chrisbrownChris Brown

@jennyjohnsonhi5 take that out of your mouth. Be nice. Lol

5 Sep via Twitter for iPhone

@DannyZukerDanny Zuker

@JennyJohnsonHi5 @chrisbrown Jenny, I think you just won twitter.

5 Sep via web

@chrisbrownChris Brown

@DannyZuker great to see you spending the holidays thinking of me! Cherish these moments cuz at ur age, there isn’t much time left! Lol

5 Sep via Twitter for iPhone

@DannyZukerDanny Zuker

I’m pretty sure Chris Brown just said I’m going to die!

5 Sep via web

@chrisbrownChris Brown I didnt say u were gonna die! I just said ur old as f*ck! @DannyZukerlol!

5 Sep via Twitter for iPhone

@chrisbrownChris Brown

If u graduated high school in the 70s you should really get another hobby! (not twitter)

5 Sep via Twitter for iPhone

@DannyZukerDanny Zuker

Hey, @ChrisBrown, calm down now. We’re not dating.

5 Sep via web


Poor Chris, this kid is going to be crucified for the rest of his life I see….  Chris has to learn to ignore the harassment.  It takes 2 to fight.

TTYL guys!

Rita @thesugahoneyicetea


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